Ubicación: FRANCIA Grenoble – Puesto: As a member of the Building and Site Maintenance Service, which is part of the ILL¿s Projects and Techniques Division, you
will have the following duties: Install and commission electrical equipment, using assembly drawings/diagrams, in
accordance with safety regulations and industry best practice. Install and connect wires/cables, equipment and cable
trays. Install wires/cables and connect them to the electrical panels (distribution board, general low-voltage switchboard,
control panel, etc.) with which the installations are equipped. Perform all or part of equipment commissioning. Perform
new work, but also alterations, upgrades, extensions and modifications to ensure installation compliance in the event of
changes to regulations. Perform maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipment, where necessary. In the course
of these duties, you may be required to work at height.
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